An iconic fireplace for an iconic house

The Pole House located at Fairhaven beach, is a familiar sight on the drive down the Great Ocean Road. Built in 1976 by engineer and architect Frank Dixon, it’s a popular stop-off for those interested in architecture (or just interested in beautiful things) due to its stunning design, suspended on a pole 40 metres above the beach.

Frank Dixon sold the property in 2006 and the current owners are now planning a spectacular renovation. The project, managed by F2 architecture will be the first major refurbishment since the house’s completion in the 1970s. A perfect visual counterpoint to the house’s design, and centerpiece in the new interior, will be Focus’ Ergofocus hanging fireplace, positioned in front of expansive ocean views.

We are thrilled to be involved with this project to see the final result, due for completion in late 2012. The Pole House’s owners are also in discussions with Grand Designs Australia to feature the refurbishment and the new-and-improved house on the 2013 season of the program. It seems Pole House is not short of admirers, and deservedly so!