Art Pop – Blairgowrie Beach House Transformation

When lead interior designer of The Stylesmiths, David Puckering, first visited Denis and Jura at their Blairgowrie home, he was delighted to find a modern, minimalist building and not a traditional beach shack nestled among the location’s ubiquitous ti-trees.

He was equally happy to find that his clients had a passion for renovation and design, as well as an impressive collection of Charles Blackman artworks and mid-century furniture. Best of all, Denis and Jura embraced collaboration. As David explains, “Ideas were bounced around freely by all parties. With absence of ego all-round, if it was a good idea it got developed regardless of who’s it was. For me, this is how design should be.”

An important task was to create warm, intimate spaces out of the chasmic open plan living, dining and kitchen area, which was made all the more austere by its exceptionally high ceilings. For Denis and Jura, a new fireplace was an absolute must have, and this became part of David’s solution.

Art Pop Blairgowrie Beach House

Intimate and useful living hubs were created by a perfectly proportioned bespoke fireplace-slash-entertainment unit that seems to float in space, maintaining the open plan feel. Our double-sided Elements 600 Tunnel fireplace is the hero, offset beautifully by the built-in wood box surrounded by polished concrete and Paloma brick tiles encased in patina treated steel.

One side of the unit, facing the snug and cosy living zone, conceals a TV behind black wedge veneer bifold doors that disappear within the unit, out of sight when opened. The other side fronts the dining table and kitchen, and displays one of Denis and Jura’s collected artworks.

Both sides benefit from the functional heat and mesmerizing glow of real flames from the Elements fireplace, which offers a full view of the fire in two opposite directions.

The integrated island unit is a brilliant space-dividing solution as well as an architectural focus, and the Elements 600 Tunnel was an inspired choice of fireplace to enable such a dramatic transformation of space, from cold and austere to snug, intimate and practical.

Interior Designer – The Stylesmiths
Photography – Gus MacDonald