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Building a fire under architecture

Inspirational architecture and design firm Archiblox is ushering in a design revolution.

Their mission is to make great design accessible to everyone, and Oblica is delighted to help.

The team of architects and interior designers at Archiblox taps in to the endless potential of prefabricated modular architecture to deliver stunning and sustainable projects for both residential and commercial use.

The benefits for their clients are substantial. Apart from a result that has form and function in spades, the time from conception to construction is compressed dramatically. Estimates are far more reliable and stress reduces considerably.

One recent project, an addition to the rear of a beautiful period home in Brunswick, demonstrates the thought applied to all their work.

The addition was deliberately set back from the existing building so that light would fill the living spaces all times of day. While undeniably modern, the use of wood and natural finishes blends the new and old parts of the building magically.

But among the sleek new appliances, gorgeous designer furniture and perfectly placed pendant lighting, one feature stands out: the Skantherm Shaker fireplace from Oblica.

While the space will be light-filled and cheerful during the day, on those long, cold winter evenings it will be cozy, snug and arguably even more enjoyable. Because there’s nothing more evocative than the glow, crackle and smell of a real wood fire.

Viva la revolution!