Many faces of fire with Oblica

Considerations when choosing a fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace for your home is about more than getting something to fill your home with warmth. Output and efficiency are important, naturally, but often that’s a function of your fireplace being adequately suited to the dimensions of your space.

Then, given the permanence of such appliances, it pays to consider what kind of mood or atmosphere you wish to create – do you want your fireplace to double as a bold statement piece, a focal point for your chosen space, or a quiet complement to the architecture?

In light of the above, it would be easy to feel overwhelmed with the kind of decisions to be made. In truth however, with a little guidance selecting your fireplace can be rewarding design journey.


The kind of space you’re wanting to heat will play a large role in dictating what kind of fireplace is right for you. You may have a modest space that requires the intimacy of a smaller fireplace – the Shaker from Skantherm for instance is ideal in such cases, as seen in this Brunswick West extension by Taylor Knight.

Shaker, Taylor Knight Brunswick West

Another distinctive option for your home is the Native American inspired Tipi by Invicta, which can operate both as a stove or open fire depending on preference.

Or, you may have a more spacious area that you may wish to divide into distinct zones, distributing the warmth equally throughout. In these cases larger units such as the Elements 600 Tunnel, also from Skantherm, or the ready-to-install simplicity of the Stuv 21 in its double-facing iterations present efficient and stylish means to capably heat your interior layouts.

Those with smaller areas who still wish to create separate spaces might also consider the Invicta Nelson, a discreet unit of traditional appearance with a unique double-door configuration.


Often, people seek to encourage a certain energy or mood within a chosen room. This in part explains the resurgence of so-called ‘conversation pits’ such as sunken lounges, or the use of bold, sculptural pieces to draw attention towards a certain point of your home.


The aptly named Focus line of fireplaces has proven perennially popular in this regard, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a reason Gyrofocus, for instance, persistently appears in glossy architectural features – its dramatic suspended form is not only well suited to high-ceilinged spaces as featured in the W House by MCK Architects, it also serves as a beautiful accompaniment for views like those in the recent Headland House project by Atelier Andy Carson.

Open, central spaces where companionship and conversation come to the fore are served exceptionally well by the stunning firebowl hearth of Filiofocus, while interiors that draw things towards the corners of a space can elect for the Bathyscafocus or Stûv 30 Insert in its corner recess configuration.

FilioFocus indoor firepit with suspended hood


One of the key decisions to make when determining the kind of fireplace you want will often be decided by your home itself. Built-ins certainly extend a hearth-like vibe to your home, but either need to be designed as part of a new build or installed during renovations.

Still, there are few things that can beat the minimalist appeal of something like Neofocus, that lets the panorama of your fire come to the fore. Oblica can also work with you to craft a built-in fireplace of your own design, for that bespoke built-in touch.

Where a full built-in installation is not viable however the ingenious zero clearance Stûv 21 allows either full built-in wall insert, or ready-to-install configurations, letting you liberate the fire in whatever fashion works best for your build or renovation. It even comes with a range of cladding or frames to add enable further personalisation.


Besides the above, you may also wish to consider room air independent options for maximum environmental efficiency such as found in passive homes. Stûv 30, Skantherm Emotion and the Elements range are perfect in this regard, able to operate as slow combustion stoves with heat retention modules for extended warmth.

There really is a world of options when it comes to bringing fire into your home. It all ultimately depends on certain practical considerations (outlined in greater detail here), what kind of space you’ll be utilising, and the kind of effect you most wish to achieve.

Because the hearth really is a magical thing, where modern design and eternal flame meet. Oblica is simply here to help you bring the fire.