Firing up the ‘wow’ factor

According to a recent Domain article, there is a simple way to enhance your property to make it stand out in the competitive real estate market.

After collating the responses of design and interior experts, Domain found that having one special, stand out feature that brings a bit of ‘wow’ to your home is likely to make all the difference if and when the time comes to sell.

All concurred that it should be something of a centrepiece for the experience of living in the home. It could be an interior courtyard, high or decorated ceilings, or a sculptural piece of some description.

It could even be a conversation-starting fireplace.

“Every home needs to have something that’s a conversational piece, whether that’s a special fireplace, a magnificent art work, a sculptural chair or a stunning kitchen,” says interior designer Sue Axlund in the article.

Given the centrality of the hearthside through history, it stands to reason that one of the most immediate and impacting features you could have in your home is a place of communal warmth, or an artefact before which you can relax in comfort and contemplation.

Oblica’s range gives home designers unparalleled scope to sculpt a fireplace for the ages. From the highly customisable modularity of Elements to the suspended drama of classic Focus fireplaces and the bespoke flexibility of your very own custom built-in fireplace design, the options are yours to explore.

Not only are they a delight to behold, they’re efficient as well.

Talk to Oblica or visit our showroom and start envisioning your ideal fireplace feature today.