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Headland House: fire, water, air & earth converge

Suspended in elemental beauty

Perched on 150 acres overlooking Werri Beach and Geering Bay in NSW, Headland House reveals once again why Atelier Andy Carson is an international name. It is an exquisitely composed orchestra of elements and forms, a stunning dialogue between structure and scenery referred to by GQ Australia as ‘an otherworldly concept house’.

It’s not simply the location, and how the home so generously frames the surrounding views of water on one side and farmland on the other. Nor is it its cantilevered cleverness.

No, the majesty of this home is in how it seeks, above all else, to elevate the experience of living right here. From its floor plan to its material finishes and the marvellous copper louvres of its adjoining guest-house, this article in Dezeen reveals Headland House as a house that simply, artfully celebrates what it is to inhabit a particular place.

Suspended above the land and sea so magically, we’re thrilled to see some of Oblica’s most enduringly popular fireplaces – the Gyrofocus and Ergofocus – adding to the rarefied spirit of Headland House. We can’t imagine a better way to wind down this coming winter than in front of a roaring fire, floating on a harmony of land and sea.


Visit our Projects page for more ways Oblica’s range has added fire to the visions of architects and designers, both here and overseas. Photography by Michael Nicholson, originally published in Dezeen.