Focus well represented in 2017 Interior Design Awards projects

The Gyrofocus, Ergofocus and Bathyscafocus have featured prominently in the work of a number of finalists in 2017’s Australian Interior Design Awards.

Those nominated include Handelsmann + Khaw, whose recent Hunters Hill House project set the Ergofocus beneath a distinctive, primitive pitched roof; Austin Maynard Architects, delivering warmth to the wide ocean view of Lorne’s Dorman house with the Bathyscafocus; MCK Architects, who leveraged the suspended lines of the Gyrofocus to dramatic effect in the double-storey void of their W house; and Object/Subject, who likewise had a vision of how the Ergofocus could complement the geometries in their Object01 design.

It’s a genuine delight to see these inventive approaches to interiors recognised, and a pleasure to witness the Focus range of designer fireplaces utilised in such diverse and inspiring ways.

Congratulations to all the nominees, and best of luck to them all in the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards, to be presented on June 9.

MCK Architects, W house
Handelsmann + Khaw's Hunter Hill House
Handelsmann + Khaw, Hunter Hill House
Object/Subject, Object 01