Get your wood ready for winter

The cooler mornings and evenings some of us are shivering through leave no doubt that winter is upon us.

And if you haven’t already, then now is the time to prepare your wood stores for those coming nights of stretching out by the fire with Oblica, to get the most from your firewood for the minimum of fuss.

Firstly, it’s always best to have properly split and seasoned your wood for the best burn. Ideally – especially if you cut your own wood – you will have let it season for at least a year, but this is a general rule of thumb you can work towards if you’re the owner of a new fireplace.

Local firewood suppliers will be your best bet if you’re starting out – just make sure to ask them for split, seasoned and dry firewood for the best results. Never burn green wood, and never burn wood that’s been treated in any way.

If storing outdoors, ensure your wood is stacked off the ground with its split facing downwards. The circulation of air beneath the stack will keep the wood dry. Most people recommend using a tarp to prevent moisture from rain affecting your wood, though after a couple of summers seasoning this is not quite as necessary.

Wood stored outside will tend to attract insects, however, so ensure you have a pair of gloves handy for bringing it in.firewood

For outside under cover storage, we think it’s pretty hard to beat Oblica’s Big O, also suitable for indoor use. With ample shelving divisions it’s ideal for both larger logs and for kindling. Transporting your wood indoors, we recommend Capucines for larger loads, or the Bundle Wood Carrier (also available in leather).

As for indoor storage, here you can have a lot more fun finding a storage solution that creates just the aesthetic you’re after. Besides fireplaces with inbuilt storage capabilities such as Elements or our new Sendai range from Hase, you have the almost architectural forms of Balancoire and Saint Germain from Kemp, or the elementally simple and functional Skate and Sling Log Holder – both designed by Oblica.

We think the work put in to ensure an optimal fire is actually a lot of fun, but maybe that’s just us. If you have any questions about how best to prepare or store wood for your fireplace, wood heater or slow combustion stove, let us know. We’re happy to share our experiences of getting the best from our fires, so you can get the best from yours.

Oblica’s Big O with kindling and logs stored.