Gyrofocus in the Carpineto Mountain Refuge

Stunning natural landscapes stir something in all of us.

So when Archistart announced its inaugural Carpineto Mountain Refuge Competition in 2015, promoting a new tourism concept to the territory of the Lepini Mountains of central Italy, it was only to be expected that some equally stunning designs would emerge in response.

Architecture and design students were tasked with visualising what a contemporary mountain hut might look like, to be placed along the main mountain paths leading to Monte Semprevisa and serving as temporary accommodation and information points for tourists and hikers.

According to competition guidelines, all submitted proposals are to reflect sustainable design principles in the choice of their materials, and in the use of passive and active integrated energy systems.

As you can see, the inaugural winners delivered in style.

Interior Gyrofocus


Architects Paolo Danesi and Massimo Gnocchi responded to the brief with intelligence and flair. And occupying pride of place, making a dramatic descent from the sweeping roof incline of the cabin’s main area, is the iconic Gyrofocus.

The artful asymmetry of the design, its refined simplicity, and its emphasis on natural materials is breathtaking. We’re not sure about you, but we think we hear the mountain calling…