Mark Tuckey selects a Gyrofocus fireplace for his Showroom

Mark Tuckey’s showroom is home to some of the most coveted, bold and beautiful furniture designs in Australia. His work is well known for its efficient and clean characteristics – qualities we feel our range of products also reflects – so it was a perfect match when we collaborated with Mark for our display at the 2010 Sydney Home Show. The stand, designed by Fitzroy-based creative agency Sense, was a huge success, taking out second place overall at the show.

After this fantastic project, it seemed obvious that Oblica and Mark Tuckey should continue our relationship, leading to the installation of a Gyrofocus fireplace at the Mark Tuckey showroom Fitzroy.

The fireplace was named World’s Most Beautiful Object at the Pulchra design competition in Italy in 2009 – no mean feat considering this stunning piece was designed in 1968! Everyone from customers to staff love the addition of the fireplace to the Mark Tuckey space, complimenting the heat it brings to the room (the Gyrofocus can be turned 360 degrees to throw warmth in any direction) and the way it merges with Mark’s range perfectly.

Last year, we took our relationship with Mark Tuckey one step further, moving our showroom into their former manufacturing space. Becoming neighbours has been another perfect match as, when people ask where their fantastic fireplace came from, staff at Mark Tuckey can point them right next door to Oblica!

You are welcome to come and visit Oblica and Mark Tuckey, next-door neighbours and partners in design: Mark Tuckey is located at 231 Johnston Street and Oblica sits back-to-back with their showroom at 200 Argyle Street, in Fitzroy.