Oblica & Focus meet Face to Face

Both Simon and Guillaume took a French holiday last month to relax, rejuvenate and catch the last days of the European summer.

On September 19th they drove to Viols le Fort to meet the Focus team, visit their wonderful offices and talk shop around the lunch table under the southern French sun.

There, they met Focus creator Dominique Imbert: 72 years old and a still a vivacious, inspiring character, full of charm, wit and great design ideas.

Xavier Lucas (Focus Export Director) and Bruno Rougier (Focus CEO) unveiled the brand’s latest model, the Stofocus. What a wood heater! A remarkable piece, both raw and refined, combining a monumental scale with energy efficiency. We are delighted to announce Oblica is looking into bringing Stofocus to Australia. A couple of other models are also being considered for distribution by Oblica as well as gas burner options for the Focus wood burning fireplaces and stoves Oblica already stock.

The day-long encounter concluded with a visit to Dominique’s home for coffee. The converted stone sheep-fold at the foot of the Cevennes mountains is a magnificent creative retreat. Surrounded by a garden filled with his sculptures, the interior is “tres zen”: a bed, a Filiofocus fireplace, a desk and a few objets d’art… What more does a man driven by creativity require?

Our sincere thanks to the Focus team for the warm reception, the inspiration and the good company.