Radiant French Design

Sammode Studio range now available at Oblica.

Much like our new Abbotsford showroom, Sammode pairs industrial undertones with sleek and luxurious design. In this way, it’s the perfect fit for our first foray into lighting. With a range of wood and gas fireplaces, radiators and lighting, Oblica has truly become a concept store for elegant design. 

With a unique commitment to functionality, innovation and design, Sammode places itself at the forefront of the lighting industry. Founded in 1927 by Louis Lemaire, the company is a fourth-generation family business based in Châtillon-Sur-Saône, in northeastern France. The products’ efficiency, durability and aesthetic finishes have seen them featured in projects from nuclear power plants to the refurbishment of Dufour Pavillion within the Chateau de Versailles.

The Sammode Studio range adapts previous architectural collections for domestic use, bringing the brand’s refined aesthetic to the comfort of people’s homes. As part of this collection, the studio is reissuing an assortment of lamps, originally created by visionary French designer Pierre Guariche in the 1950s. With a conceptual underpinning of soft, diffuse light these creations have a romantic ambience suited to a variety of contexts. 

It also encompasses a selection of carefully curated collaborations with leading European designers. Among these projects is the Paname collection, a series of classic tubular luminaires enclosed within elegant metallic grids designed by Normal Studio. 

With lights inspired by the incandescent quality of northern Europe’s glacial landscapes, Yann Kersalé’s Lö collection also forms part of the Studio range. Mirroring the reflective quality of ice, each of these creations reveals an installation of sparkling prisms when alight and emulates the colour of its surrounds when switched off.

With the capacity to be wall-mounted, suspended or freestanding and function indoors or out, the versatility of these creations rivals their beauty. We simply cannot wait to share them with you.