Rural Charm at Hill Plains Cottage – Featuring Shaker

Inspired by Kyneton’s Victorian agricultural buildings and rural landscape, Hill Plains Cottage – with its simple long structure and sloped roof sits right at home amid sprawling pastoral surrounds.

Designed by Wolveridge Architects, the project was built as an off-grid independent dwelling. A place of seclusion, of retreat… And what retreat would be complete without a roaring fireplace to snuggle by? It is here we see the Shaker by Skantherm shine, in all its rustic, contemporary glory. The perfect companion for countryside winters, this slow combustion wood fire heats Hill Plains Cottage with ease, helped along by the building’s impeccably efficient design.

In the absence of grid-connected services, the cottage relies on solar panels with backup batteries to provide all energy for its occupants. Nuanced details have been integrated to ensure this 8-star energy rated building optimises its deep roof structure and natural cross-ventilation opportunities. An ingenious design.

The compact spaces of Hill Plains Cottage also deliver ample aesthetic appeal. The building’s captivating and restrained design is emphasised through the choice of a minimal colour palette, complete with warm timber, iron sheeting, plywood and a simple approach to joinery and furniture.

Reflecting a simpler, less complicated existence in its rural setting, Hill Plains Cottage is a welcoming, truly self-sufficient place to unwind and reconnect. We could not be more pleased to see our Shaker fireplace sitting at the heart of such an abode.