Stuv redefines the essentials of fire

The ever-inventive fireplace designers of Belgium-based firm Stuv have done it again with two recent additions to the Oblica range – Stuv 30 Up, and Stuv 21.

Each takes an essential characteristic of fireplace installation – either wall-suspended, in the case of Stuv 30 Up, or the built-in hearth style of Stuv 21 – and builds upon the basics with striking contemporary design and expanded functionality.

Stuv 30 Up literally raises the classic innovations of Stuv 30 to a new level, translating the unique and celebrated three-door, three mode heating functionality of its forebear into a wall-suspended stove design. The result is a highly efficient stove that looks simply superb in any home, with three distinct modes of heating: glass door, open fire, or closed stove.

Stuv 21 meanwhile represents a distinctive innovation in fireplace technology. Its retractable glass window is a revelation, with a seamless appearance allowing the fire – and only the fire – to absorb your attention.

Other points of distinction include its insulation and convection system, its accessible tilting door mechanism, as well as its ready-to-install, zero clearance casing.

Available in single-sided or double-sided configurations, Stuv 21 can be installed as a fully built-in wood heater in new builds or renovations, or added to existing rooms through a wide array of cladding options, colours and finishes with just a small amount of effort.

Both fireplaces also excel as slow combustion wood heaters, meaning you can extract maximum heat for optimal energy usage. Each also has the capability for room air independent operation, making them ideal for passive or low-energy houses.

To find out more about these new fireplace designs, talk to us or visit the Oblica showroom to discover which best suits your needs.