Shovel & Brush

We believe we’ve found it – the perfect fireplace brush set. With bristles made from a unique blend of horsehair and Tampico, offset with American Walnut handles and beautiful brass, Eldvarm have brought artistry to the simple act of sweeping ash.

  • Powder coated steel
  • Handles of American Walnut
  • Horse hair and Tampico brush
  • Made in France

From $330



Beautiful brushes

The bristles on Eldvarm brushes are a unique blend of horse hair, the traditional material for fireplace accessories, and tampico from the agave cactus. Together they ensure that the brush not only looks good, but lasts over time. All Eldvarm brushes are produced on traditional machines at the Brosserie Julio, a family business that has been making brushes in Nantes, France, since 1947.

Brush Mix