Clad to perfection: Ergofocus in modern Victorian extension

Exquisite residential projects, beautiful dining venues, even school buildings, there isn’t much Maddison Architects can’t do! One of their most recent projects, North Fitzroy House, exemplifies their commitment to creating and transforming residential spaces and it is a sight to behold.

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Maddison Architects’ North Fitzroy House maintains the traditional Victorian frontage of the home and combines it exquisitely with a contemporary extension. From the street, this dynamic is immediately reflected in the juxtaposition of the home’s original cottage features with a brand new rust clad addition. The rusted red hues and traditional shape of the new façade integrate well with the property’s native fauna and the neighbourhood building stock, whilst still maintaining a distinctly unique character.

From its modest frontage, the home expands towards the rear of the property, culminating in a spacious, open-plan living area. Across the northern face of the extension, expansive windows and bi-fold doors embrace natural light and facilitate ventilation. This attention to sustainable design is further reflected in the incorporation of an internal courtyard, as well as the discrete incorporation of solar panelling.

Vastly expanding the footprint of the home, the centrepiece of the renovation is the grand living area. With its high ceilings and minimalist interior design, the space elicits a sense of abundance and grandeur. Within this context sits the Ergofocus, suspended from the ceiling. Its striking black steel ties in perfectly with the furnishing of the window frames and cabinetry, while its shape and design maintain its character as a statement piece. With formidable heating power and efficiency, the fireplace bolsters the sustainability of the home without detracting from its refined Modern Victorian aesthetic.

Marrying traditional and contemporary architecture so superbly, Maddison Architects have utterly transformed this Victorian cottage into a beautifully modern space, and boy is it extraordinary to behold.

Photography by William Watt


Ergofocus’ fiery smile never fails to capture attention. Suspended from the ceiling and set in striking black steel, its good looks and formidable heating power ensure it makes a statement both aesthetically and functionally.

From $15,000.00

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