Röshults specialises in luxurious and contemporary products for outdoor settings.

Established in Sweden, the company pairs modern Scandinavian design with high-end materials and expert craftsmanship, to create exquisite outdoor kitchen, wood fire ovens and furniture.

With a philosophy that life is best enjoyed outdoors, Röshults’ diverse range aims to help you create the perfect balance between food, friendship and relaxation. Elegance and versatility make the range perfectly suited to both public and private spaces. 

Outdoor kitchen bench with stainless steel sink and marble top modules

Full flexibility, unstoppable creativity

With Röshults’ modular design system, you can seamlessly bring together any design and functional features you desire, creating a product truly unique to your wants and needs. 

Total flexibility allows your imagination freedom. Marrying style, simplicity and comfort, each detail can be carefully curated to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

With various features available, from built-in cutting boards to gas and charcoal grills, teppanyaki plates and pizza ovens, there are options for causal cookers and professional chefs alike.

Each component found in Röshults’ products is meticulously made, with a focus on sourcing high-quality materials capable of enduring all weather conditions.

At the core of Roshults quality is the marine grade stainless steel used throughout their product ranges. In addition to its exceptional resistance to corrosion and staining, it provides a refined aesthetic. 

Options of powder-coated anthracite finishes, marble and ceramic benchtops, as well as teak modules and detailing, each add a feel of luxury. 

A tough and long-lasting hardwood that ages beautifully with or without treatment, teak is integrated throughout the range, from cutting boards and sideboards to furniture detailing and various kitchen accessories. 

Dedication to premium quality materials finds no exception in the textiles used in Röshults’ furniture, from beautifully marbled cord to weather, oil and dirt resistant Subrella fabric.

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