Open Kitchen

Minimalist, yet magnificent

The flexibility will let your ideas flow and your creativity flourish. Of course, with exceptionally high-quality materials and minimalistic design. No matter what you dream of, your future outdoor life will open your mind, and your heart. Together we’ll create a kitchen that will last a lifetime.

From $12,540.00

Three steps to kitchen perfection

Your Open Kitchen is completed in three pivotal steps, which together form a minimalistic, yet magnificent combination of your choice.

  • 1. Modules

    First, select the functionalities for your Open Kitchen. Imagine your ideal combination of features and design, and start your journey by choosing how you want to use it. The number of modules and functionalities will set the measurements of your configuration.

  • 2. Finish

    Now, it’s time to give your Open Kitchen its finish. The appearance of the modules as well as the frame are all up to you, and you can choose any combination of stainless steel and anthracite.

  • 3. Frame

    As its name suggests, Open Kitchen has an open frame, which will allow your creativity to form its final appearance. The design of the bottom shelf is also of your choice: in line with the frame’s design, or in teak.

Example of Configurations

  • Outdoor cooking essentials

    Two independent charcoal grills and a gas hob on a 1.5m stainless open frame with ceramic and teak shelves.

  • Charcoal grill essentials

    A compact anthracite combination featuring a charcoal grill, teak chopping block and sink.

  • Charcoal grill basics

    The minimal combination, ideal for small spaces. A teak chopping block and charcoal grill over a 1m anthracite frame.

  • Open Kitchen with bistro bench

    Get the most out of your Open Kitchen by complementing it with Röshults Open Bistro. They will align perfectly, and give the opportunity to gather all your loved ones when cooking.

Kitchen Modules

Open Kitchen is created from your own combination of modules.

  • Charcoal Grill Anthracite 500mm
  • Charcoal Grill Anthracite 1000mm
  • Sink Anthracite 500mm
  • Charcoal Grill Stainless 500mm
  • Charcoal Grill Stainless 1000mm
  • Sink Stainless 500mm
  • Gas BBQ Anthracite 500mm
  • Gas Hob Anthracite 500mm
  • Drawer Anthracite 500mm
  • Gas BBQ Stainless 500mm
  • Gas Hob Stainless 500mm
  • Drawer Stainless 500mm
  • Teak Chopping Block 500mm
  • Marble Bench Block 500mm
  • Marble Bench Block 1000mm
  • Drawer Anthracite 1000mm
  • Drawer Stainless 1000mm

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