Established by Brisband-based sisters Samantha and Karina Seljak in 2016, the brand was born out of a love of Australian resources and desire to contribute to a world without waste. 

Seljak’s range of luxurious blankets are crafted out of recycled wool and textiles, making each truly unique. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Seljak’s creations are as versatile and durable as they are soft and beautiful. 


Closed loop production

Inspired by local community-driven initiatives, and acutely aware of the waste associated with the manufacturing industry, Seljak is dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a more circular economy. 

Wool offcuts and post-consumer textiles are collected from factory floors across Australia and Europe, shredded in an industrial ragging machine and then spun into new yarn to create Seljak’s unique blankets.

Sisters Sam and Karina also continually engage in systems innovation, running education and advocacy based talks, workshops and events focused on making better use of waste and reducing our environmental impact. 

Community contribution

Since its inception, Seljak has maintained a firm focus on giving back to the community. 

With every purchase, a donation is made to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, an organisation devoted to ensuring that asylum seekers and new migrants feel safe, supported and welcome in Australia. 

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