Since its inception over 30 years ago, Stuv has been expertly blending modern technology with the traditional art of fabricating fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. The company hails from Belgium, a corner of the world with a proud industrial past and a love of precision and attention to detail that manifest beautifully in Stuv’s products.

Helmed by founder Gerard Pitance, the company’s focus is firmly on function. Elegant minimalist design and clever technology allows the fire to enjoy the spotlight.

Stuv seeks innovation with each new product and its heaters are cutting edge in terms of usability and fuel efficiency.

Image of Gerard Pitance

The importance of design

Whenever a designer starts to work he tries to create an object that is as perfect as possible, aesthetically and practically says Gerard Pitance.

Pitance is the diligent and passionate head of Stuv. He has first hand experience of the design process, having perfected the design for Stuv’s first wood burning stove through research, inspiration, evaluation and then re-evaluation, demonstrating resolve and persistence. He remains an inspiring, hands-on leader to this day.

Close detail of Stuv 30

Forging a new path in fire

Since the release of the groundbreaking (and now-retired) Stuv 60 in 1983, each new model has incorporated something never before seen in the market: the retractable glass door of the Stuv 21; the integrated system of three rotating doors in the Stuv 30.

The firm has recently joined forces with Dutch fireplace manufacturer Tulp, signalling the company’s expansion into gas-powered technology. Collaboration and innovation are crucial to Stuv’s ever-expanding range.

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