Nature’s Necessity: Gyrofocus in Biophilic Masterpiece

With a firm focus on creating human-centric spaces, DesignInc acknowledges the transformative effect architecture can have in people’s lives. This is nowhere more evident than in Bio-Courtyard House, a home designed to nurture its occupants by offering an unparalleled closeness to nature.

Steps away from the shoreline of Middle Park beach, Bio-Courtyard House sits in a truly idyllic setting. Though, the tranquillity of its surrounds is not the only thing this home reflects. The brilliance of DesignInc’s approach to this home is without a doubt how well it is informed by its natural coastal environment. The result? A truly breathtaking biophilic experience.

What is a biophilic design you ask? Well, if we take a look at Bio-Courtyard House, the whole project is conceived as an ecosystem. As the name would suggest, the home is centred around a multi-story courtyard, a lush green core that acts as a life-sustaining force that environmentally supports the entire site. With its vertical layers of fauna, the courtyard serves to considerably blur the line between indoor and outdoor experience.

Bio-Courtyard House

Aside from its beauty, the courtyard is also highly functional. It improves ventilation and allows residents to live as one with their natural environment. It also embraces solar passive design strategies in order to maximise occupant health and happiness, not to mention provide an abundance of natural light.

Inside, the palette is a mix of blonde timbers, pale brick and concrete that makes for an elegantly understated aesthetic. On the ground floor sits a flexible family zone where you’ll not only find panoramic bay views, but also our own Gyrofocus fireplace, framed by generous leather banquette seating. Adding fire, warmth and colour to the home, this statement piece enhances the overall biophilic experience while complementing more passive thermoregulatory techniques.

Bio-Courtyard House

Together with builder Visioneer, the very same who brought Whitlam Place to life, DesignInc have created a truly captivating, award-winning bayside home. We dare say this is exactly the kind of home that would convince us dedicated northsiders to move south!

Photography by Dianna Snape