Poetry in Motion: Gyrofocus in the Sheffield Residence

An innovative and artistic creative practice, Of Possible has made their mark across the realm of design from architectural and industrial projects, to sculpture and public works of art. Their recently completed Sheffield Residence exemplifies the firm’s dedication to spatial poetry – a superbly elegant feat to behold.

Situated amongst the lush greenery of rural Massachusetts, Vincent Appel’s Sheffield Residence incorporates a nod to the colonial history of the property, with a vision to adapt the space according to evolving needs and desires of the owners in their retirement. With its discrete, single-storey timber façade and abundance of wide open space, it achieves just that. Placed strategically to cause minimal disturbance to the surrounding fauna, the house floats effortlessly above the ground, creating a sense of gentle balance with the natural landscape. Replete with places from which to gaze out upon the rolling hills that encircle, the property has alfresco terraces on three sides.

Of Possible Sheffield Residence featuring Gyrofocus

Appel’s fusion of contemporary and mid-century design achieves a perfect union of spatial poetry and sustainability. Assisted by Kent Hicks Construction, the home is built to passive house standards and boasts primarily locally sourced materials. The living area’s floor-to-ceiling windows embrace natural light, whilst showcasing the outstanding view. With insulated glass and frames, this feature accompanies the concrete floor as an example of passive thermoregulation. Catering to retired food and beverage professionals, a state of the art kitchen was also a must. The magnificent ground cooled root and wine cellar combined this desire with one for sustainability.

Of Possible Sheffield Residence featuring Gyrofocus

Incorporating the kitchen, dining and living areas, the Sheffield Residence’s ‘great room’ opens onto a striking terrace which frames the view to the east. The minimalist mid-century aesthetic of the living room, with its custom leather sofas and recycled oak coffee table, is mirrored outdoors. A statement piece designed within this era, Dominique Imbert’s Gyrofocus sits suspended from the ceiling. Accompanied by gorgeous timber ‘Stargazer’ chairs, the fireplace creates the perfect setting for a tranquil evening wine.

Seamlessly incorporating the old and new, Of Possible has created a superb residence the owners will be able to enjoy with family and friends as they relish their retirement. Here’s to hoping our golden years look half as tranquil!

Photography: Rory Gardiner