Embracing elegance: Stûv 16 in White Rock by Omar Gandhi

In the heart of the picturesque Gaspereau Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada, stands White Rock—a testament to the creative prowess of architect Omar Gandhi.

Perched on a hillside, this Corten steel-clad masterpiece is not just a dwelling but a harmonious blend of architecture, nature, and personal expression. At the core of its design philosophy lies the integration of elements that make it a truly unique retreat, and among them is the stunning Stûv 16 fireplace that graces its living room.

Embracing elegance: Stûv 16 in White Rock by Omar Gandhi

A Symphony of Materials


Part of White Rock’s architectural allure lies in the careful selection of materials and simple yet striking design. The Corten steel facade, weathered and textured, creates a striking effect amidst the ever-changing colours of the surrounding forest. The home’s simple geometrical structure effortlessly captures attention. It’s a testament to the architect’s knack for balance, blending the grand with the understated.

Seamless Integration with Stûv 16 Fireplace


As you step into the living room of White Rock, the ambience is both inviting and refined. Custom features, meticulously created in collaboration with local artisans, adorn the space. A Gothic-inspired chandelier by Concord Lighting and Shaker-style dining chairs, accented with Nova Scotian leatherwork, create a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Here the Stûv 16 fireplace takes centre stage, enhancing the overall aesthetic with its clean lines and unobtrusive design. The fireplace, like a piece of carefully chosen art, adds delightful warmth and character to the living space without overpowering it.

Much like the broader project, the Stûv 16 reflects a marriage of form and function, where the elemental and the practical seamlessly coexist. The fireplace becomes a natural extension of the living space, inviting residents and guests to gather around, creating moments of connection and serenity.

Where Singular Beauty Meets Architectural Mastery


In the unique landscape of the Gaspereau Valley, White Rock stands as a singular expression of architectural mastery. The Stûv 16 fireplace, with its similar materiality and style, becomes an integral part of this narrative, enhancing the living experience within the Corten steel-clad haven. As the firelight dances against the backdrop of Omar Gandhi’s creation, it adds another layer to the story of White Rock—a story of refined luxury and harmonious design elements that elevate the everyday.

Photography – Ema Peter

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