Ergofocus features in contemporary saga

Just how do you create a contemporary resort feel to a home without losing the all-important feeling of cosy, homeliness? Just ask the innovative designers at mckimm. In the Saga, #project350, they have done just that, also including our very own Ergofocus!

Each Focus fireplace has been ingeniously designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The Ergofocus is no exception, making it the perfect choice for the Saga project by mckimm. Form meets function in this exquisite home, with exciting, sculptural elements combined with a sense of comfort. Despite its grand and minimalist design, the home exudes warmth, helped along by Ergofocus. With a 360-degree rotation system, every inch of the home’s living room is bathed in luxurious warmth.

Ergofocus in a living roomThe expansive high ceilings of this home are striking, balanced with a minimalist colour palette and natural elements of cedar, zinc and brick. Contemporary and purposeful, the subtle textural elements of this home are a standout.

The Saga is another beautiful Melbourne project that delivers liveable sophistication, a truly contemporary family home that we couldn’t be more excited to see Ergofocus shine in.


Ergofocus’ fiery smile never fails to capture attention. Suspended from the ceiling and set in striking black steel, its good looks and formidable heating power ensure it makes a statement both aesthetically and functionally.

From $15,000.00

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