Ergofocus in a prefab-ulous coastal home

When you think of prefabricated buildings, you would be forgiven if the first image that comes to mind is the stifling demountable classroom in which you studied grade 10 health ed. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that prefab construction has come a very long way! This modular style of building continues to advance technologically, ever reducing manufacturing and construction time. It has, in fact, become an incredibly efficient, versatile and sustainable practice. This is perfectly reflected in Three Pavilions, an exquisite project by ARKit Advanced Prefab.

A residential coastal retreat, Three Pavilions is as inventive as it is practical. The home was built as a panelised structure, a clever and considered approach given the desire to retain the mature vegetation surrounding the site. Using this method, entire sections including the floor, wall and roof components were prefabricated off-site at ARKit’s studio and brought to the home’s Shoreham location for installation.

Looking at Three Pavilions from the outside, you would never guess it was a prefab structure. This is a testament to the architectural and innovative approach of the ARKit team. Each new home is completely bespoke, reflecting sustainable design and building principles. With Three Pavilions, the design of the house resulted from a fine balance between everyday practicality and the owner’s desire to downsize – the ultimate sea change.

Situated at the end of a quiet coastal road, the house has been designed around a series of pavilions, linked by an internal corridor and external walkways and decks. The footprint of the home sits lightly within the landscape, its exquisite blackbutt cladding a striking contrast against the pale eucalyptus and coastal vegetation. Views of the trees and sky fill every room, allowing the structure to merge with rather than dominate the natural setting. And what coastal retreat would be complete without a roaring fireplace to gather around? In Three Pavilions Ergofocus sits in perfect harmony, complementing the striking black exterior and dark finishes throughout. We could not have recommended a better fireplace to warm such an efficient home.

Three Pavilions is a deeply considered home, both in terms of location and design. Here, ARKit has created a beautifully simple prefab form that truly enhances its landscape and re-enforces the amazing versatility and efficiency of prefabricated architecture.

Photography by Alessandro Cerutti


Ergofocus’ fiery smile never fails to capture attention. Suspended from the ceiling and set in striking black steel, its good looks and formidable heating power ensure it makes a statement both aesthetically and functionally.

From $15,000.00

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