Form and function: the advantages of an Ortal gas fireplace

When it comes to choosing a fireplace, there are countless options to choose from, and at Oblica, we pride ourselves on bringing you the cream of the crop. Throughout our entire range, you’ll find fireplaces that offer aesthetics, performance and efficiency. Ortal’s collection of modern gas fireplaces is no exception!

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to add warmth to an existing space, or an interior designer seeking the perfect fireplace for a client project, there are a few distinct advantages to choosing an Ortal gas fireplace.

Cool Wall Technology

Of course, a fireplace isn’t the only feature you may want on a wall. Whether you desire to hang artwork, a television, or a sophisticated sound system, Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology ensures the walls surrounding your fireplace remain cool enough to do so safely.

Creative interiors

With a large selection of logs, pebbles and glass, you can customise the interior look of your Ortal fireplace to suit your style and home.

Heat barrier solutions

All gas fireplaces require a heat barrier to prevent occupants from touching hot glass, but not all are aesthetically pleasing. Ortal fireplaces however are engineered for maximum enjoyment and protection with a discreet mesh screen or double glazed heat barrier delivering safety without compromising on design.

Power Vent technology

Ultimate design freedom, without limitations – Ortal’s modern Power Vent System can move exhaust up to 165 feet away from the fireplace. The forced air stream has enough power to allow for three times the number of bends in your flue giving you dramatically more flexibility in the placement of your pipe. All of this means you can install your fireplace in apartments, upstairs rooms, and other once-forbidden spaces, making it a fantastic option when looking to retrofit a fireplace in your existing space.


Built-in, recessed internal lighting with dimming capabilities, that can be controlled remotely, creates ambience even when your fireplace is not in use.

Direct vent

Direct vent gas fireplaces are safe to operate and do not impact indoor air quality. All Ortal fireplaces are sealed from the room using a glass front, so the combustion air is not drawn in from the room and will not affect the air quality inside your home.

Innovative design

Innovative product design and advanced features provide every Ortal fireplace with the versatility to match your lifestyle or design concepts.

For Cadence & Co’s Promenade project – a spacious two-level penthouse overlooking Manly Beach – Ortal’s Three Sided gas fireplace was chosen to ground the living room. With its crisp glass front and natural-looking flames, the fireplace gives the luxurious home a feeling of cosiness and warmth; creating an inviting space to nestle on a winter’s day whilst savouring the home’s enviable coastal vistas.⁠

Pairing innovative technology with captivating design, Ortal offers one of the most comprehensive range of gas fireplaces currently available. Explore all the benefits of a gas fireplace for your home and discover the Ortal range at our Abbotsford Showroom, or view online.

Architects, Interior Designers & Builders Cadence & Co⁠

Photography Maree Homer Photography⁠

Editorial Styling Kayla Gex⁠

Three sided gas fireplaces

Show-stopping fire from every angle. Ortal’s three sided gas fireplaces are available in a wide range of sizes with many trim and fuel bed options. Designed to perfection and engineered to last, Ortal gas fireplaces present the most natural looking flames. Effortlessly, at the touch of a button, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere from this perfect fire anywhere in the room.

From $13,400.00

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