Mid-century modern marvel Fitzroy North Residence by Dan Gayfer Design

In Fitzroy North Residence, Dan Gayfer Design has masterfully transformed a majestic double-fronted Edwardian home into a stunning family abode.

With a focus on practicality and functionality, the team at Dan Gayfer Design has created a space that perfectly accommodates the growing needs of the homeowners while preserving the integrity of the existing structure.

The home creates an atmosphere of comfort immediately upon entering, cleverly achieved with an inviting palette of warm tones. The open plan kitchen and dining area overlooks a beautiful patio and garden, housed within an existing steel structure that was repurposed to give the space a unique character. These clean lines and geometric shapes are complemented by subtle curves that enhance the openness of the interior, providing a space where time seems to slow down.

Fitzroy North Residence

Larger communal areas are warm and inviting, featuring custom-built furniture and thoughtful design elements that encourage interaction and connection. The sunken lounge area is a particular standout in this respect. With a luxe but functional built-in lounge and a palette of earthy tones that transport you straight back to the 1960s, the space is a mid-century marvel. To complete the space, a freestanding Stûv 6 fireplace provides both warmth and style. Its sleek and minimalist design complements the clean lines and geometric shapes found throughout the home, while its innovative technology ensures that it is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Fitzroy North Residence featuring Stuv 6

Through considered materiality and distinguished design, Fitzroy North Residence is a robust and lasting family home. Dan Gayfer Design’s commitment to creating spaces that delight and inspire is clear, with each room a harmonious balance of functionality and style, providing the ideal backdrop for family life.

Photography by Dean Bradley

Design by Dan Gayfer Design

Build by Blueprint Construction⁠

Styling by Ruth Welsby

Stuv 6 Freestanding

The affordable and easy to install Stûv 6 freestanding fireplace is designed for small and medium sized rooms, so everyone can enjoy a beautiful fireplace with exceptional performance that respects the environment. Compared to an open fire, the Stûv 6 consumes 7 times less wood and emits 125 times fewer fine particles, while increasing heating efficiency by up to 65 per cent.

From $6,850.00

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