Paxfocus brings warmth to Riverview House

Riverview House, a 70s abode in Sydney’s North Shore has been utterly transformed by Nobbs Radford Architects, creating a renewed sense of home for its current owners.

Not updated in quite some time, this former medical centre in the heart of Northcote required an overhaul, aesthetically and practically speaking. Breathing new life into Riverview House, Nobbs Radford has created a bright and refined space where connection is key.

Built around key central meeting areas, the architects have created a home that enables its inhabitants to truly connect. The home’s generous, galley style kitchen plays an important role in this vision – a breathtaking and voluminous space with touches of copper and natural wood. The installation of a Paxfocus fireplace from Oblica adds further, acting as the perfect gathering point for family evenings around the hearth.

Where Riverview House is minimal, light and bright, Paxfocus adds just the right amount of drama. In this modern home, it acts perfectly as a sculptural focal point for the main living area. Renowned for its arresting design, it is easy to see why Paxfocus is a favourite among designers and decorators alike.

Photography by Katherine Lu


Turning your wall into a sculptural focal point, Paxfocus is a favourite among designers and decorators alike. The wall version of Ergofocus, Paxfocus is renowned for its arresting design, efficiency and good looks, which include a welcoming open hearth and sleek lines.

From $14,500.00

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