Element 400 Front - Slow combustion wood heater

Life changes and living spaces should change with it. That is why Skantherm developed Elements, a fully modular system that lets you choose different wood burning chambers and add shelving units, storage units, seating benches and accessory drawers to ensure your fireplace perfectly complements your interior and suits your lifestyle. Elements 400 Front is the front-facing iteration of the Elements 400 series, with a rectangular viewing pane, and is available as a fixed or rotatable unit.


  • Fixed or rotatable burning chamber
  • Perfect for low-energy and passive buildings
  • Right or left-hinged door option
  • Designed by Prof. Wulf Schneider + Partner
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award 2013
  • Black or platinum finish



Body Colour:
Deep Black

Nominal Heat Output:
5 kW

Burning Chamber 130 kg

Smoke outlet:
On top or at rear



Room air independent operation available

Tertiary air supply

Self cleaning glass panel

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World’s first fully modular fireplace

Customise your chosen wood burning chamber with large and small shelving units, wood and accessories storage units or optional leather seating pads, available in various colours.

More heat for longer

The optional Thermostone element holds heat for hours, allowing you to save on fuel and maximise warmth and enjoyment long after the fire has gone out. Up to three Thermostone modules may be added to increase heat retention as required.