Focus in Cabin Norderhov by Atlier Oslo

For us, home is where the hearth is…and, judging by Atelier Oslo’s inclusion of the Focus fireplace in their exquisitely designed cabin, they wholeheartedly agree.

Perched high on a wooded slope overlooking Steinsfjorden Lake in Norway, this basalt-clad bungalow defies the surrounding environment. The architects at Atelier Oslo have overcome all the outside elements with this project, to create a building full of soft contours and warmth.

The beauty of the Norwegian landscape is found throughout this cabin. The curved, birch wood panelled walls offer a distinct contrast to the geometric exterior of the building. Light fills the space from expansive windows framed by only the slimmest metal, chosen by the architects to avoid disruption of the view. ‘This creates a more direct relationship with the nature outside.’

The building wraps around the steep contours of the land, creating a continuous room that results in a warren-like space. Even the floor is a feature. Hundreds of hexagonal pieces of birch timber, only slightly darker than the walls, are inlaid creating a honeycomb surface.

In a building so embedded in nature and light, the glass-panelled Meijifocus fireplace provides the perfect feature. The hearth is raised on a platform and set into the floor, making it visible from all levels of the building. This creates a most noteworthy indoor campfire element to the home, complimenting the surrounds superbly.

The architects at Atelier Oslo have created a dwelling of pure Scandinavian splendour. Certainly, a wood cabin unlike any other, characterised by warmth and an uncompromised closeness with nature.

Discover the Focus fireplace range from Oblica used in some of the most stunning architectural projects around the world. Visit the Oblica news page to find out more.

Photography by Lars Petter Pettersen

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