Stuv 21 - Built-in fireplace

Your fire is free. With a unique retractable glass door and frameless installation, the divide between you and the ever-changing flame has now been made invisible. Available in various sizes, Stuv 21 can be installed directly into your wall, or made a standout feature with easy to install cladding and fascia options. Safe and efficient, Stuv 21 heralds a new simplicity and sophistication in fireplace design for you to enjoy wherever you sit.


  • Retractable glass door
  • 6 models available
  • Ready-to-install cladding, finishing fascias or frameless installation
  • Zero Clearance installation
  • Over 20 colour fascias available


Available sizes for front facing models (WxH mm):
770 x 615   /   870 x 400   /   1070 x 535   /   1170 x 400

Available sizes for double facing models (WxH mm):
770 x 615   /   1070 x 535

Nominal Heat Output:
11 to 23KW



CO emissions:

Room air independent operation available

Self cleaning glass panel

Ingenious door mechanism

Slide the door upwards for an open hearth-fire; slide it down for secure, radiant warmth; leave partially open, and you can enjoy an open fire without backdrafts. All the mechanical components are integrated into the door, for convenient cleaning.

Unimpeded view of the fire

Regardless of the position of the door, there is no frame to impede your view of the flame. Only a 4cm metal strip is evident around the hearth, with no visible track or mechanism.

Ready-to-install signature cladding

Stuv 21 fireplace inserts can be integrated into new builds, or installed when major renovations are undertaken. Where this isn’t possible, a number of ready-to-install cladding options are available, transforming your fireplace into a focal point that requires no finishing work.