Bathyscafocus comes full circle in Caroline House by Kennedy Nolan

In Caroline House, Kennedy Nolan has carved out a new world, reimagining an Edwardian weatherboard in inner Melbourne to create a space full of whimsy and intrigue.

Working with the original bones of the home, Kennedy Nolan has restored and transformed Caroline House, now a space defined by sweeping curves and playful circular elements. It’s fitting then, to see the Bathyscafocus from Oblica included in the home’s lounge area. The spherical shape of Bathyscafocus is mimicked throughout the home, from the circular outdoor swimming pool to the newly built, curved rear façade of the home, punctuated with circular windows and arched doorways. The interior has been given a similar treatment, with fresh finishes and soft, circular silhouettes all contributing to a consistent aesthetic.

Through clever design, the playful forms incorporated throughout do not compromise the functional aspects of this award-winning home. Here, Kennedy Nolan has created a memorable and engaging space, a house completely reimagined into a whimsical world of curves and curiosity.

We couldn’t be happier to see Bathyscafocus situated in this well rounded home – a match made in heaven.

Photography by Derek Swalwell


Bathyscafocus’ spherical shape and elliptical opening evoke the calm curves of nature. Its generous mouth allows free view of the flames and ceiling suspension provides additional floorspace while creating a strong stylistic impact.

From $14,000.00

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