Shack luxe: Denison Rivulet by Taylor and Hinds Architects

In the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness, situated along the meandering banks of the Denison Rivulet, sit several unassuming timber-clad shacks. Designed by Taylor and Hinds Architecture, these simple cabins appear utterly inconspicuous from the outside, with no hint of the remarkably cosy environment within.

Upon entering any of the three Denison Rivulet cabins, a softly glowing interior, rich in detail, is waiting to be discovered. An abundance of warm timber incorporated throughout works not only to create an inviting atmosphere but a sense of protection from the elements of this vast landscape. Adding to this feeling, the Shaker wood heater by Skantherm enhances the interior space, providing a true sense of all-encompassing warmth. Compact but impactful, many an evening could be spent curled up in front of this bold fireplace.Shaker fireplace with short bench

The location of these cabins is by no means lacking when it comes to pleasing views, expansive vistas stretch out in every direction. However, it was a deliberate choice by the architects to create some spaces within that are entirely enclosed. By doing so, Taylor and Hinds encourage guests to be immersed in the intricate details and qualities of the internal space, rather than looking to what lies beyond.

Sitting confidently, yet unimposingly amongst the Tasmanian landscape, the Denison Rivulet cabins are truly unique. We could not be happier to see the Shaker fireplace incorporated so elegantly in this project. A trip across the Straight may be on the cards in 2020.

Photography by Adam Gibson


Shaker’s unique look sits perfectly between rustic and contemporary, harking back to the heart-of-the-home stoves of old while incorporating strong lines and making a bold design statement. Compact in size but big on impact, Shaker also includes an optional bench in two different lengths to maximise enjoyment of your fire.

From $7,500.00

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