Balance, simplicity and timeless design have formed the essential philosophy of German stove manufacturer Hase since its inception in 1978 by architect Walter Blasius.

Entirely handmade in the company’s Trier factory, each Hase stove is a work of art, shaping robust geometries from the highest quality materials to create immaculately crafted, clean-burning fireplaces that enrich the heart and home.

Today, under the stewardship of Eva Maria Blasius, Hase continues to build on its award-winning reputation, blending sustainability and artistry in pursuit of the most beautiful fire.

Hase lima in blue

New material visions

In 1980, Hase became the first manufacturer to equip its stoves with ceramics, introducing a new fireplace experience for the home.

Soon after, the company brought ceramic tile production in house to assure its quality. Water, clay and chamotte are brought together with meticulous craftsmanship, every tile a masterpiece.

State-of-the-art processes and handmade care set Hase in a class of its own, marrying fire to the full material potentials of ceramics, steel and soapstone.

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