A family business founded in France in 1927, Sammode has established the design standards for domestic and industrial lighting solutions.

The Sammode Studio collections are original and authentic, offering high quality, long-lasting precision lighting for indoor and outdoor use.

Many models provide a dimmable functionality option and easy-to-install home automation technology for precise adjustment of lighting moods.

Purcell light over kitchen bench

Built to last

Sammode controls every stage of production for every light it produces, which allows the company to guarantee the performance, functionality and quality of its work.

Sammode refuses to accept planned obsolescence. Instead, it strives to produce lights that are durable, repairable and upgradable, ensuring a supply of components and spare parts for each product in its collection.

This is only possible because Sammode is both the inventor and the manufacturer of its stunning designer lighting range.

Astrup table lamp

Sustainable production

Continuously improved and perfected, incorporating the latest technologies and most efficient materials, Sammode lights are renowned for their robustness, durability, reliability and adaptability.

With a focus on the longevity of materials the company has been naturally aligned with the ethos of sustainability from the outset, with the ongoing aim to reduce its environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.

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