Tubes radiatori is located in Italy, in historic Resana in the province of Treviso. Established in 1994, the company quickly became renowned for creating products that provide additional value in terms of design and technology.

The essence of Tubes’ philosophy hinges on providing products with unique features aimed at discerning customers who appreciate fine design, and are increasingly attentive to quality and energy saving. Tubes offers heating elements with aesthetic and technical features that have been created to enhance the style and functionality of your home’s interior design.

By introducing radiators that look more like architectural elements than system components, Tubes has revolutionised the conventional concept of heaters, helping them play a leading role in design and therefore releasing them from the purely functional need to satisfy heating requirements.

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The entire manufacturing process is carried out in the original production site located at Resana (province of Treviso), in the heart of Italy’s highly productive northeastern region.

Today, Tubes employs a local workforce of 65 skilled people in premises of 18,000 square metres. Although the company has invested heavily in manufacturing automation and software applications, it still relies heavily on human skill, especially to carry out the finishing stages of work that are so crucial in the creation of beauty.

All the radiators of the “Basics” and “Extras” collections are made of steel, which provides excellent thermal exchange and immediate heat diffusion. The “Elements” collection also comprises alternative materials like aluminium and titanium. Using only about a third of the water required by normal radiators, Tubes products are efficient to run.


In the early 90’s radiators were standard and purely functional appliances, providing heat but little else. Then the Crosetta family had an idea to make the welding invisible, and Tubes was born. They began producing radiators with great attention to detail – and invisible welding. This innovation quickly led to Tubes products becoming market leaders. When the company then turned its attention to aesthetic quality, everything changed again, setting Tubes apart as the only company concerned with both technology and style.

Tubes remains a step ahead of the competition by partnering with internationally famous designers to reinterpret the concept of a radiator and creating highly desirable objects of art.

Engineering innovations allowed even greater advances in aesthetic design, to the point where now Tubes radiators, freed from the mechanical constraints of most, stand alone as masterpieces of interior design.