Embodying a perfect balance of history, craft and country, French manufacturer Invicta (meaning ‘unvanquished’) is Europe’s largest manufacturer of cast iron fireplaces.

The Invicta foundry is located in France’s Champagne-Ardenne region, the country’s traditional home of metalworking. Invicta honours this history through tried and true production methods at one of the oldest and largest working foundries in Europe.

Founded in 1924, Invicta was a ‘quiet achiever’ until maverick CEO Jean-Pierre Dupire took the reins a decade ago. Dupire, renowned for his quirky and disruptive marketing techniques, took the brand to another level prior to his retirement in 2013, and Invicta’s market reach continues to grow to this day.

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Donchery, France
Founded in 1924

Forged in the heart of France

Invicta fireplaces are forged from cast iron, using techniques first established in the Iron Age. Imbued with history and capitalising on technology, the quality of the work produced by the foundry is renowned throughout Europe.

A continued legacy of craftsmanship is integral to Invicta’s vision and is supported by the firm’s total control over every aspect of their work from design to fabrication and beyond.


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Makers of Le Chasseur

A cast iron empire

Many Australians, particularly keen cooks, will appreciate the Chasseur range of cast iron cookware. Most will not know that Chasseur is made by Invicta.

Indeed, the world-renowned Le Chasseur kitchenware is forged in the same foundry as Invicta fireplaces.