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Brûlure froide and the DENFAIR Design Loop

Join us for something a little different this Melbourne Design Week as Oblica presents Brûlure froide, a unique installation happening at our Fitzroy showroom as part of the DENFAIR Design Loop.

Developed and crafted in collaboration with GlasshausBrûlure froide evocatively portrays an autumnal forest burnt by the elements. The installation’s trees are set in raw steel drum, referencing both the materials our fireplaces are manufactured from, and fuelled by.

Oblica is pleased to be participating in the first ever DENFAIR Design Loop. A brand new event for the city’s design community, it features a curated selection of Melbourne’s best design showrooms, all contributing to a wider ‘Celebration of Materials’.

Because that’s a big part of the Oblica story: the emotional qualities of the materials, where they’re from, how they’re wrought to produce objects that can not only serve, but move and inspire people. It’s our fire, our spirit.

So please, come by and experience the cool fire of Brûlure froide for yourself with Oblica, and DENFAIR Design Loop.

Running all Melbourne Design Week @ Oblica Showroom, 200 Argyle St Fitzroy from March 15 to March 25. For the full programme of participating showrooms, visit the DENFAIR Design Loop website.