Oblica Mural by Da Mental Vaporz

French design met French street art in Melbourne for our latest collaboration. Two members of graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz, Blo and Jaw, produced a stunning aerosol piece for the wall outside our Fitzroy showroom.

Da Mental Vaporz were in Melbourne in March for their show Le Venin at Rtist Gallery in Prahran and made time during their visit to paint a huge mural in Chinatown. You can see the setup for the show at Rtist and the making of the mural, as well as footage from the complete exhibition, in thisvideo. Blurring boundaries between street and fine art, the pieces Da Mental Vaporz produce are arresting, confronting, beautiful and disturbing, all at once. How could we resist asking our compatriots to leave their mark on our building?

The outcome of the commission was a meeting of Blo and Jaw’s personal styles: Blo bringing a delicate, almost ornamental element to the piece which sits in perfect harmony with the subverted beauty of Jaw’s work.

You can see Da Mental Vaporz work as a collective here, Blo’s work here and Jaw’s work here

You can also see a timelapse video of our beautiful mural being brought to life above and, of course, stop by any time to see it in real life outside our showroom in Fitzroy.