Ove, Pharos, Tipi and Tennessee wood heaters by Invicta

Our latest addition at Oblica is set to change Australian concepts of the traditional wood heater and fireplace. We are very excited to welcome the Invicta range to our family of products, kicking off with four styles: Ove, Pharos, Tipi and Tennessee.

We’re just going to admit it: we are almost in love with this range. It’s a step away from the freestanding wood burning stoves and fireplaces we’ve all seen a hundred times before – squares or rectangles which do the job but don’t add beauty or ambience to a room.

These stoves and fireplaces add warmth in both senses of the word. The Ove offers a smooth curve and designer tones whilst remaining inviting. Pharos provides 360-degree heat so you can make the most of your fire for up to ten hours without losing out on looks. Tipi takes you back to tribal instincts. Form a circle around this stunning piece and relax in the glow of gorgeous contemporary design. If you’re more inclined toward the Wild West, have a look at the Tennessee. It’s got all the nostalgia you’re looking for without scrimping on cool factor.

Best of all, all four of these styles are energy efficient so you can be cleaner and greener (as well as being cooler while you stay warmer). Since their launch in France in 2010, Invicta have been hugely popular and we expect them to be just as loved in Australia. Be among the first to join the trend.

Invicta’s Ove, Pharos, Tipi and Tennessee will be available instore very soon. If you are interested in learning more about these or any of our other products, please send us an email