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The Elements expanded

New options open up further possibilities

The ingenious Elements range from Skantherm has expanded. Lovers of fire now have four wood burning chambers to choose from, with a fifth option – the Elements Round – arriving at the end of 2017.

Elements stand apart from other fireplaces due to the stunning adaptability of the core design. Each Elements chamber is modular in nature, meaning that they can be configured in a variety of ways through accessories such as seating benches, storage boxes, drawers and shelving. The possibilities for individuals to configure according to taste are near-endless.

The Elements range consists of the 400 and 600 series, with the Round available from year’s end. The 400 series offers a choice of either a front-facing or corner version with an angled viewing pane, both available in fixed or rotatable models. The corner unit in particular offers a unique take on fire that is perfect for certain room configurations.

The 600 series meanwhile comprises a larger 600mm wood-burning chamber available in either front-facing or tunnel configuration, while the forthcoming Round is a study in elegance with both fixed or rotatable options featuring a curvaceous 180 degree door providing a perfect frame for your flame.

Each of the Elements has the option of Thermostone integration to maximise heat retention, and each offers the choice of room air independent operation for passive designed homes.

To see the Elements range, visit the Oblica showroom.