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Eldvarm, born from Nordic fire

There are few things that beat the romance and mystique of the long dark of Nordic winters, where fire occupies so central a role in the cultural experience.

The Danes even have a word– hygge – to describe the unique sense of comfortable togetherness that prevails throughout the season, and which has no direct translation in English.

From that wintry wonderland comes Eldvarm, an interior design company born around the fireplace, firmly rooted in Scandinavian tradition and culture.

Working in close creative collaboration, founder Louise Varre and Swedish designer Emma Olbers have wrought a range of fireside accessories deeply infused with all the elegance and simplicity that distinguishes classic Scandinavian design, updated with a careful eye for modernity and the international touch.

Louise Varre & Emma Olbers

We took one look at Eldvarm’s product line and were enchanted by the aesthetic. Then we learned more about the care and craft of the material construction of their wood baskets, brushes and more, manufactured to the highest standards in France… and knew we needed to bring Eldvarm home with us.

Metal screws and details of brass. Organically tanned leather from Tärnsjö. Brushes of horse-hair and tampico from the agave cactus. Handsome untreated beech and walnut wood from sustainable forests… all beautiful, ethically sourced materials that will age marvellously, crafted by hand.

A beautiful fire deserves beautiful companions. Explore the Eldvarm range here.

Complete set in LichenEldvarm Wood Basket & Companion in HavaneEldvarm at work