Introducing our new flame, Les Choses

Oblica has always been drawn to design visions that are uncompromising in the integrity of their inspiration and their respect for the balance of form and function.

So when we discovered how French house Les Choses has interrogated the elementalism of fire in their first release of firepits, it felt like a match being struck.

Le Feu (The Fire) is Les Choses response to the ancient majesty and mystery of the flame. Founder Pierre Vuilmet and designer Yoan Claveau de Lima have formally sought to redefine the design possibilities of mass-produced objects, experimenting with linear tension and the essentialist nature of the chosen materials to produce a range of pieces both practical and beautiful.

These are firepits that can’t help but enhance the natural magic of sitting around the fire.

brasero 2 & margelles


Vuilmet’s handpicked team of craftsmen have helped realise Les Choses stated intent of achieving an ‘intergenerational contemporaneity’. From the monumental dimensions of the Brasero No 2 firepit with its elegant bench companion Margelles, to the delicate utility of Brasero No 4, Les Choses has wrought a compelling new vision of fire.

What’s more, the Grillado brings stunning stainless steel lines to the range, to transform your Brasero into a wood-fire BBQ like no other.

We think Les Choses makes for an apt addition to Oblica’s range of quality suppliers. Come by our showroom and meet our new flame for yourself.