A New Year, a timeless passion

The discovery of fire will be forever hidden in prehistory. Yet the magic of what occurred in that deep past continues its influence to this day. For the first time, early humankind had the means to warm itself through the cold nights, protect itself from the dangers of the wild, and to cook the food it had hunted or gathered. It enabled us to tell our stories to the night, and forge tools to expand our control over the unknown.

The story of man and fire then is beyond time. We remain fascinated by its beauty, and respectful of its elemental nature. At our deepest level we find its mystery undiminished, its lambent dance continuing to inspire art and poetry… even worship. It is this complex, enduring relationship between humankind and the eternal novelty and beauty of fire that Oblica celebrates in each and every thing we do.

A fire for every home

From the utilitarian minimalism of LifeSpaceJourney’s Float and our own Pastille fire-pits, to the modular flexibility of Skantherm’s Elements range and the descending grandeur of the FilioFocus from Focus, we strive to reflect every facet and flicker of fire’s magic in our range. In every one of our products we see the love and intelligence, wisdom and craftsmanship of their makers, all unified in the desire to bring the light, warmth and beauty of our eternal friend into the heart of each home.

That’s our quest for fire. We look forward to sharing it with you now and in the year to come. If you’d like to learn more about how we source Europe’s most innovative heating designs, or how we at Oblica can custom craft your own vision of the ideal fireplace, visit us at our showroom.